Side Effects Of Teenage Substance Abuse

Side Effects Of Teenage Substance Abuse

Teenage substance abuse has over the past couple of years increased significantly. This can be attributed to a number of reasons and in order to effectively deal with this problem, it is important to first of all look at some of the causes of substance abuse in teenagers.

TeensCauses of Teenage Substance Abuse

One of the reasons why young people engage in substance abuse is that they are usually very curious. Indeed a young person will simply use a certain drug or substance just to get a feel of how the experience is. This casual curiosity then develops into a habit that sooner or later cannot be broken off easily.

The second one of the things that may cause teenagers to engage in substance abuse is peer pressure. Most research studies have shown that a large majority of teenagers that use drugs do so after being prompted by their own friends. If one fails to give in to the pressure, then he or she is likely to be regarded as unfit for the group. It is therefore as a result of trying to fit in that a teenager will engage in drug use.

Teenagers may also engage in substance abuse as a way of entertaining themselves. Once young people have gathered together in a group, then they usually come up with several ideas on how to have fun. The downside of this is that most of the times, substance use comes up as a way of having fun. It is therefore true to say that young people use substances in order to avoid boredom.

These are the most common causes of substance abuse in teenagers. Having them in mind is very important if prevention of substance abuse is to be achieved. If teenagers are not taught the dangers of substance abuse, then they may end up having to deal with a number of negative consequences. A few of such consequences are as follows.

Side Effects of Teenage Substance AbuseSide Effects of Teenage Substance Abuse

One of the most common things to observe in a teenager that is using a substance is a general drop in grades. If the teenager is not corrected fast, then his or her academic life is going to become more and more difficult. As an individual takes a substance, he or she often becomes irresponsible and that is why he or she may give poor performance in school.

The teenager may miss several classes and also fail to do homework as required. It is of equal importance to state that a majority of teenagers that are involved in drug abuse get into a lot of problems with school authorities and may eventually drop out of school.

The second one of the things that may be observed is a change in attitude. Most of the teenagers who use drugs tend to become arrogant or violent. It is therefore true that they are likely to get into a lot of fights both at home and away. The change in attitude is also likely to cause friction between the user and the other members of the family.

Physical health is another one of the effects that may occur as a result of teenage substance abuse. It is indeed true that most substances are very powerful and will therefore have very negative effect on some bodily organs. Once a human being’s vital organs are compromised, then he or she is likely to experience a lot of health complications. It may also be worth stating that if not treated effectively, then the health complications may very well lead to death.

Mental soundness is another one of the things that may be brought into sharp focus as a result of substance abuse. The human brain is very delicate and that is why it must never be poisoned by powerful substances. If however a teenager uses drugs, then he or she is likely to suffer from mental problems.

In some cases, the mental problems may be treated while in severe cases, the complications may remain for the rest of the victim’s life.┬áMost of the teenagers that abuse substances end up being delinquent. This simply means that they are always caught on the wrong side of the law. This may lead to spending considerable time in jail or in juvenile holding facilities.

Help for Teenage Substance Abuse

The above mentioned points are just a few of the most common side effects of teenage substance abuse. If any or all of these issues are noted in a teenager, then its best to report the matter to the relevant authorities. One of the best ways to deal with this issue is getting in touch with the nearest rehabilitation center.

Such centers are able to provide guidance on how to deal with the situation that may be in existence at that particular time. Other places that such matters can be reported to in order to find help may include; churches, mosques, learning institutions among several others. Basic research on the internet can reveal substance abuse hotlines that can be used to contact the relevant authorities fast.